Easy Ins Followers

Nowadays the social networks find us steep off the highway of traditional communication channels and into a quiet field with informative messages patiently waiting for us to interact with them. The social networks is filled with people with different beliefs, character, personality, interest, etc. We can classify them into groups according to their similar character, hobbies, etc. However, what about your social network? What kind of person are you?

Well, it seems interesting and let’s find out together.
LinkedIn – Normally, LinkedIn users are those who set professional networking as their social goal and then get motivated to reach them. If this is your major social network, it means that you have certain range of interest and would like to focus on getting reliable information.

Twitter – Twitter exists for those who love reading news. Twitter users like short and clear updates. They like reading simple news which is straight to the point. Twitter users normally lead a busy life, but they still make their favorite updates in the free time.
Facebook – According to a survey, 40% of Facebook users regard it as an effective tool to realize social functions. Actually, Facebook related to a wide range of contents including new, games, photos, etc. Therefore, people who choose Facebook as his main social networking site would like to use it to get balanced between work and entertainment.

YouTube – YouTube users refer to those who like performing and showing through their videos on YouTube. Choosing YouTube as your main social media, the users’ common objective is to get recognition and get popular.

Instagram – It is essential for designers and bloggers to use Instagram at work. For those who choose Instagram as their main social network, they are normally adventurous and are interested in food, clothing, travel, etc.
SoundCloud – Music and audio are the main contents of SoundCloud. SoundCloud users are perceptive and artistic. They want to be recognized and get popular through their music or audio showing their talent.
Of course, many people choose two or more social media for their own reasons. For example, I use Facebook to communicate with my friends, while I also use YouTube to upload my own music. What about you?

No matter what your choices are, upload happy pictures and behave positively. You know that the social media you are using also telling who you are and what kind of person you are.